Welcome to ASPM

Objective of ASPM - Achievement Scholarship Program Maumere - is to provide educational assistance (vocational training) for children/youth between 10-20 years who are talented/motivated but whose families are too poor to pay for school. Girls are especially disadvantaged and shall receive priority.

The broader goal of ASPM is not only to take care of formal schooling but to prepare the young generation for actual life and work in the real world. Though completion of SMA (Indonesian High School) may be a necessary precondition for success it is by no means sufficient or a guaranty for actual employment. SMA graduates will need some further vocational practical/skill training. For employment for government or industry SMA certificate is a must. For both, preparing and setting up an own business should receive much more attention.
Again in the orphanages/asrama there should be more creative activities, skilltraining etc. rather than obvious  idleness.

Every donation, whatever amount, is welcome. In case you support a sponsorship we would appriciate heartly long-term engagements.